The new  QuitlineNC eReferral  Portal Guide allows smoking cessation referrals through a web portal rather than using fax machines. All registered Quitline Referral Sites have been loaded onto the portal including the ones who recently submitted a registration form. If you have registered and you look at the eReferral portal site  ( )  and still do not see your site on the drop-down menu, please contact me at my email or phone number. More recent registrations may take a few days to appear on the drop-down menu. I am also adding the QuitlineNC Referral Site Registration form if you would like to register as a QuitlineNC Referral Site. This allows the provider to:

  1. Ability to refer through the QuitlineNC eReferral Portal
  2. By referring through portal, you will receive outcomes reports of your patients through secured email for your patient’s medical record. The report will tell you if the patient was reached, enrolled in services, planned to quit and engaged with our services.
  3. Receive monthly aggregate reports of your site’s patients referred to QuitlineNC.
  4. Receive updates on new services, promotions, or changes regarding QuitlineNC.
  5. Receive ongoing technical assistance and training on the referral process.